Over Four Decades of Service

 A Brief History of Brookhaven

Since 1964, when it introduced the world's first truly precise current integrator, Brookhaven has been supplying current integrators for use in particle accelerators, and ion implanters. By the early 1970's almost every particle accelerator operating in the free world was equipped with a Brookhaven Current Integrator.

Brookhaven's association with the semiconductor industry dates to the inception of ion implantation. When pioneers in the field developed ion implanters at places such as AERE Harwell, Bell Telephone Labs, and IBM they incorporated Brookhaven Current Integrators. As implanters entered the production lines at IBM and Western Electric, Brookhaven current integrators went with them. When Hughes and Mostek introduced the merchant production of implanted devices to the industry, Brookhaven current integrators were to be found in their implanters.

Brookhaven became and remained the sole supplier of current integrators and patented Brookhaven scanners to Accelerators, Inc. in 1971. GCA offered a Brookhaven Current Integrator as a premium option for its line of implanters. Today, Brookhaven Dose Controllers can be found as original equipment on all Varian 300XP and 350DE implanters, Genus High-Energy Implanters, and NEC High-Energy Implanters.

In July of 1977, the National Bureau of Standards Special Publication 400-39 reported the selection of a Brookhaven Current Integrator as the standard against which all other current integrators were measured. It remains the standard today!

In addition to supplying original equipment to manufacturers of ion implanters, Brookhaven, in the 1980's, began to introduce a line of proprietary instruments to upgrade implanters in the field. These products include current integrators and dose controllers used to upgrade the dosimetry systems of many Varian medium-current ion implanters. Also included is a line of complimentary instrumentation such as NIST-traceable current sources, and various instruments designed to monitor certain implanter sub-systems and prevent product loss through the incorporation of "wafer-saving" supervisory circuitry.

For more than Thirty Five Years after its founding, Brookhaven Instruments Corporation remains the vendor of choice for highly precise current integrators used in nuclear research, and continues to supply original equipment to manufacturers of ion implanters. Through its research and development programs, Brookhaven continues to create products that enhance and monitor system performance, reducing system downtime, and increasing fabrication areas productivity.


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